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Since January 2015.

Night Attack

LIVE PRODUCER, Co-hosT, writer

With a decade-long history, Night Attack is the latest, boldest iteration of live shenanigans. Surprising games, good friends, and an energetic chatroom combine to create pure electricity.

Since September 2015. Produced Billboard Comedy top ten album "Night Attack 3."


Weird Things

Live producer, editor

At the intersection of science and fiction lies Weird Things. Whether Bigfoot exists or not, would he be a good roommate? What's the least painful way to time travel? What's plaguing the world this week?

Since December 2014.

The Bizarre Briefing

HOST, Live producer, editor

The honest behind-the-scenes meetings of Bizarre Magic every month. Raw insights and stories that go into making Scam School, Modern Rogue, Scam Stuff, and more.

Since April 2015.


Trending Lemon


What can internet quizzes tell us about ourselves? Plan a special brunch and we’ll tell you a weird truth you didn’t realize. This weekly podcast runs about an hour and picks the minds of some really cool folks.